No matter what you desire to get out of your practice, Pradipika has class offerings to suit every level and style of yoga. Be sure to check out our upcoming Workshops for one of a kind opportunities for deeper discovery and connection.

Power Vinyasa

An invigorating flow of yoga postures taught in a heated room. Encourages building muscle tone, improving flexibility, and promoting relaxation and stress release. ~95*F

All Levels Vinyasa

An invigorating flow of yoga postures taught in a gently heated room, postures modified for beginners while experienced practitioners encouraged to play their edge. ~85*F

Vinyasa Flow

A well rounded flow, focusing on linking breath and movement. Stoke your own inner fire to build heat with sun salutations, work your strength and flexibility with standing postures that build up to a peak pose. Postures modified for beginners while experienced practitioners are encouraged to play to their edge. Class is unheated.


$9 community classes are built into the schedule, to make yoga classes accessible to all and give our newer teachers a chance to gain experience. Classes are unheated.


Foundation classes provide informative instruction on the basics of practicing yoga while building strength and skill. Taught in a non-heated room, you will learn the basics of sun salutations, foundation yoga postures and shapes, and the importance of connecting with the breath. Suitable for beginners as well as those with some experience who can benefit from revisiting essential alignment, flow, and breath-work principles.


Time and space provided for you to dive deeper into self awareness and quiet your mind. Offered after select full length classes. 


A meditative and transformative practice where floor-based postures are held for a longer period of time to allow release in the deeper layers of the body such as the fascia, connective tissues, joints and bones. Suitable for all levels, class is unheated.


Gentle is a non-heated, slow paced, informative and instruction based class for beginners, those looking for a relaxing practice and those who want learn more about the poses, breathing techniques and other tips and tricks for building a safe and sustainable yoga practice that will be beneficial for a lifetime. 

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